Illya King on KATU

Illya King on KATU

amnorthwestAM Northwest has graciously invited Illya King (Creator of NMC comics) to appear on AM Northwest this Monday from 9-10am.

AM Northwest is a morning show in KATU channel 2. Illya will be talking about Wizard World, NMC comics, and even  showing some samples of his work.

This is an exciting opportunity for Naked Man Comics to reveal Totally Naked Man to the Rose City. Naked Man Comics is extremely grateful to Wizard World supporting this fun and all-ages appropriate comic.

NMC comics is sold at Cosmic Monkey Comics, online at Indy Planet Print on Demand. Digital copies can be purchased on this site. Wizard World Portland is from February 22-24. Tickets are sold online at

Check it AM Northwest this coming Monday at 9-10 am.

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