Holly Wood: Space Diva

Holly Wood: Space Diva

Coming soon: Holly Wood- Space Diva

Saving the universe and making a profit

Kidnapped from the planet Earth to the Planet Sq’id, Holly Wood must struggle with the leadership of the peace keeping Sup’r forces and her desire for wealth and lavish comfort.

For centuries the S’p’r Armada have been in constant struggle with the evil forces of The Z’nu Empire. S’p’r’s greatest warrior, H’ro, was lost in a terrible teleporting accident. Planet Sq’id’s greatest scientists have labored hard to recovered their lost hero. After years of research they’ve pin-pointed the location of H’ro on an isolated planet called Earth.

Sq’id’s scientists have reconstructed the scenarios which lead to H’ro’s disappearance. A fluke in the teleportation settings lead to the machine shifting the fold in inner space from Sq’id to Earth. Since the severe gravitational forces make it impossible to recall the exact location of H’ro’s landing, the scientists randomly select points on Earth to recall their champion. In one of these teleportation experiments, Holly Wood was taken from Rose City USA to the other side of the Milky Way.

Cutting their losses temporarily, the scientists of Sq’id train Holly Wood in the art of interstellar warfare. Her human psychology makes her an ideal solider against the wicked Z’nu Empire. Holly Wood wants no part with the fighting until she notices that S’p’r tech is powered with gold and precious gems. Holly Wood begrudgingly fights for the S’p’r Amada with hopes of return to Earth and buying a small island complete with a castle and fleet of yachts.

Holly Wood is scheduled to be the next webcomic series in late May/Early June following the current story, Cherry City Secrets.