Naked Man Comics

NMC: Naked and The City


By Illya King

Not happy with criminals causing havoc in Rose City, Alzheimer Fresco jumps out of his clothes and on to the streets as Totally Naked Man. Along with this heroic friends, Extremely Conservative Woman and Zetaman, Totally Naked Man seeks to right the wrongs committed by the wrong doers doing wrong.

Trade Paperback collecting Naked Man Comics #1-8 plus bonus material.

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Product Description

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 232
Shipping and Handling not included.

Naked Man Comics: Naked and The City is printed through Ka-Blam Digital Printing. Ka-Blam prints high quality paperbacks for independent publisher and self-published creators. Ka-Blam currently hosts 16,000 users, processed 200,000 orders, and published almost 2 million comics.


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