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The Schlub: Bored at Work


By Illya King and Stephanie Greenwood

Schlub McSchluberson tries to find balance between a full-time job, creating comics, and his mysterious gamer girlfriend, Chaos1975. The Schlub hates his mindless job so he pursues a career in self-publishing comics. However, he finds that the comic world is not as fun as he thought.

The Schlub: Bored at Work collects the first two years of the weekly webcomic, The Schlub.

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Product Description

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black and White
Page Count: 154
Shipping and Handling not included.

The Schlub: Bored at Work is printed through Ka-Blam Digital Printing. Ka-Blam prints high quality paperbacks for independent publisher and self-published creators. Ka-Blam currently hosts 16,000 users, processed 200,000 orders, and published almost 2 million comics.


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